Sunday, July 14, 2013

11:29 PM

With the new version of Facebook released in March, users have more control over what they view than ever before. However, like usual, it will take time for people to get used to and accept the new design. Fortunately, if you have the new design and want to adjust your newsfeed accordingly, here is what you need to know:

The Newsfeed

The Facebook newsfeed is where you see all of your activity, as well as the activities of your friends and other “Pages” and “Groups” that you follow. It is a great way of keeping in contact with people and viewing content from your favorite sources, such as the Internet Providers Blog.

The new newsfeed format unveiled in March is designed to be less cluttered than before. It is also designed to shine the spotlight on your activities and to make stories from your friends stand out more prominently.

Whether you are just a casual browser or marketer, the newsfeed can be effectively managed to provide a better user experience.

How to Be Selective With Your Newsfeed

By default, Facebook's algorithms choose what appears on your newsfeed. However, there are now new options available to give users more control over what appears. For example, you can now choose to view only music-related updates or those that include photos. Additionally, you can even choose to see posts from people that you “Subscribe” to instead of just those that you are friends with.

The status updates that you can selectively choose to view include:
  1. Most Recent
  2. All Friends
  3. Photos
  4. Music
  5. Following
  6. Games
  7. Groups
How to See Everything With Your Newsfeed

If you do not want to miss anything that is posted, you can set your newsfeed to view every post in real time. Not only will you see status updates, but actions that other users take. For instance, if your friend likes a video or photo (even if the action was taken 48 hours ago), you can see the details.

To activate your newsfeed to view everything, here are the steps:
  1. Select the grey arrow to the top-right of your screen (if you are using the new version of Facebook)
  2. Select “See All” to view various options
  3. Select “Most Recent” if you want to view updates in order
By adjusting your options, you will be updated regularly about all of the people and things you love.

More Tips for Managing Your Newsfeed

  1. Create interest lists to assign your favorite “Pages”
  2. Add your friend lists, interest lists, “Pages,” and “Groups” to your “Favorites” for quick access
  3. Uncheck the “Show in News Feed” option from the profile of friends you want to remain friends with but do not want to receive status updates from
  4. Limit your Facebook time to avoid information overload
Using Facebook's newsfeed is a great way of connecting with the world around you. By becoming familiar with the various options available, you will be able to manage your newsfeed with ease.

Frances Clark is a social media strategist. He loves to share his best tips on marketing blogs. To know more, please check Internet Providers Blog.