Friday, July 19, 2013

7:08 AM

Rumored iPhone 5S Production

iPhone 5S Rumored

Apple is rumored once again to be preparing next-generation iPhone 5S launch in mid-October. The iPhone 5S production reports are claiming that device will be launched in market with 50 to 55 million stock at start, and then later stocks will be pushed to new heights.

Apple’s iPhone 5S is said that it’s getting into mass production at the end of this month to reach the end production mark till the end of September 2013. Now there is another rumored by Apple that they are preparing next generation iPhone 5S launch in middle of October. The iPhone 5S production reports are demoing that device will be release in market with 50 to 55 million stock at begin and then later on stocks will be rolled to new peak.

This news drives from a new research note published by well-known Jefferies & Company analyst Peter Misek. He says that Apple is verifying the suppliers to begin iPhone 5S manufacturing in the end of this month, and to carry out with manufacturing demands till the end of September. The iPhone 5S release is supposed for late September to middle of October time period. The report also demand that Apple is almost achieving the manufacturing mark with suppliers for affordable (Budget-iPhone) model, and raising orders for iPhone 5S production to release the device in the market on time.

If you are reading news regarding iPhone 5S release rumors, then you necessary be know of Misek’s name, and his credible work for everybody in the market. He is known for his move and miss reports about the forthcoming iOS device. Nevertheless, he is entirely aware of iOS market and can come true sometimes with his words. I have seen that various market analysts across the globe are just rolling out series of date to their clients for the next release of iPhone 5S, and the increase in stocks.

On the other side, Apple is also rotating up iOS 7 development with iOS developers and releasing forthcoming iOS 7 beta 4 on 22 July or might be on 23. The iOS 7 beta development is already departing in rapid speed at Apple, and around the developer’s forums. We are viewing huge bug fixes and enhancement in the time-frame of every 15 days.

The iPhone 5S is arriving in the fall and will be running the fresh iOS 7 on the plank. We can easily identify the iPhone 5S release date with iOS beta release pattern.