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Online Tools For Proofreading Your Documents

Best Online Tools For Proofreading Your Documents
Whether you are a blogger or you are a content writer. One of the important things which you need to do is to proofread your documents. There are two most important things about which you should be considered while you are performing the task of creating documents. First and the main thing is to do proper research about the topic you are going to write and secondly you should properly proofread your documents so that you articles are completely free of errors and mistakes. Proofreading is a very important part as if the errors are not recovered the entire meaning of your article can be lost. Today I am going to share some of the best tools online which will help you to proofread your documents and make them completely error free.


The very first tool which makes to my list is Polish my writing. You can recover all your mistakes with the help of Polish my writing. All your mistakes and errors will be displayed to you in three different colors. The colors will be red, blue and green. Red color will tell all the spelling mistakes present in your article, blue will provide you with different style suggestions of your article whereas green color will identify all the grammatical errors present in your article. One of the best features of Polish my writing is that it also provides you various active and passive suggestions regarding your documents and all the results are displayed very quickly.



Ginger is the second tool which makes to our list. Ginger and Polishmywriting, both tools have a lot of features in common but ginger has one advanced feature and it is that it will also point out mistakes like a, an, thewhichPolishmywriting didn’trecognized. So I prefer ginger to use over Polishmywriting. One more advanced feature of ginger is that you can use the add-on for different browsers which helps you in quick proofreading of all your documents.

Ginger Online Proofreader


The third tool which makes to our list is PaperRater. PaperRater is an advanced tool which not only helps in pointing out your grammatical mistakes and errors but also will help you in providing you a score for your article by analyzing your writing skills, choice of words used and the vocabulary skills. One of the best features which I like about PaperRater is that you can analyze your writing skills and can improve your way of writing with the help of that.

PaperRater Proofreading Tool

Slick Write

The fourth tool which makes to my list is slick write. If you are having some instance of time and you need a proper detailed analysis of your document you should definitely use slick write. Not only your errors will be pointed out with the help of slick write but you will also get a detailed report of your article. The analyzing feature is as good as the one provided in PaperRater too. Keep analyzing your documents so that you can know if your writing skills are getting improved or not.

Slick Write

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